Director: Wang Jing (China)
Cast: Chen Gang, Cui Nan, Ban Manjia, Song Daiwei


Changfeng Town is located in an inconspicuous corner of China. The townspeople all know one another and are content with life. Airplanes often pass by the town, reminding people of an unknown outside world.

Many things in the town exist in solitude – the cinema, the dentist’s office, the car repair shop, the newspaper office and the elementary school. The townspeople are unique and full of eccentricities. Each has a story of their own: the domestic problem of the aimless Redhead, the secret between the dentist and his son, the unrequited love of cinema ticket-seller Cai-Xia, the loneliness of the crippled Xi-Shan, and the humdrum life of the Mayor. A few mischievous boys wander in and out of these little stories, with the eventual coming-of-age and departure of one of these boys.

The film is in intertwining chapters, always filled with joy and sadness but never without hope.


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  • Taipei Golden Horse Film Project Promotion, 2015
  • Asian Cinema Fund for Script Development
    Busan International Film Festival, 2016
  • Best Young Director’s Project
    China Foundation Wutianming Fund for Young Talents, 2016
  • Script Development Award
    Xining FIRST International Film Festival, 2016
  • Creative Sound Production Award
    Xining FIRST International Film Festival, 2016
  • Taipei Golden Horse Film Project Promotion WIP, 2018